My family and I have been 30-year residents of Walnut. We have raised two children who graduated from the Walnut Valley Unified School District. My wife and I have been active in community affairs. I am a founding member of UNITED WALNUT TAXPAYERS, and currently serve on the WALNUT VALLEY SCHOOL OVERSIGHT BOND COMMITTEE, the MT SAC PLANNING AND FACILITIES COMMITTEE, and a FORMER MEMBER OF THE MAYORS ADVISORY COMMITTEE. I have attended many City Council meetings, Mt SAC Trustee Meetings and have been outspoken throughout. I have posted many views over the years on NEXTDOOR.COM. We are proud to have worked alongside great neighbors and friends all of whom have shown great sacrifice and a commitment to maintain the quality of life we have come to enjoy over 30 Years.

I am a staunch advocate of education. I am the product of a good education that started with Community College. After high school I attended Los Angeles Community College. From there I transferred to the University of California at Irvine, where I obtained a BA degree. I was a student advocate at UCI and served in the University of California Student Lobby program offering new ideas and solutions from the perspectives of students before the California State Legislature. Having attained enough credits to graduate early, I lived in Sacramento my last two quarters while serving student issues in the California legislature. 

I decided to pursue a legal career and was accepted at the UCLA School of Law. I have been a lawyer for 35 years. 

My campaign will be about issues not individuals. It will not engage in the politics of candidate name calling, candidate shaming or the politics of candidate self-destruction. Please join my team. I need your help more than ever. If you have any ideas for events or activities or any issues that concern you please email me at or visit my website at  I am scheduling an open house meet and greet soon.

My campaign will focus on: Opposing Measure GO, the next $750 MILLION DOLLAR school bond and the negative environmental impacts of the unrestrained and unregulated growth of MT SAC. We have come up with an 11 POINT PLAN:

With your help, we can make a course correction for MT SAC that would benefit its students, staff and faculty, while preserving the quality of life that our neighborhoods have enjoyed. We can do better:

1.            Use of Satellite Campuses AND online courses. Providing better access to the residents of Covina, Charter Oaks and San Dimas. Helping students facing economic challenges still learn and achieve at Mt SAC.

2.            Decrease class size and increase teacher student ratios. To provide students with better educational experiences that are tailored to their needs while in college. We can ensure their  transition to UCLA, UCI, etc., by doing this! We can make sure that everyone who enters Mt Sac graduates with their certificate, AA or transfers to a 4 year. Let’s have a plan to  help students achieve your dreams.

3.            Improve the intersection traffic that has resulted in major intersections receiving a failing grade. THIS INCREASES RISK OF ACCIDENTS involving students, residents and visitors. There are almost monthly accidents at Mountaineer and Grand.

4.            USING THE MT SAC BRAND to offer some MT SAC courses on the  under-utilized community colleges that students pass to come to MT SAC to lessen their drive time, stress and improve graduation rates.

5.            Early involvement with community organizations concerned with abuse of taxpayer monies. 

6.            Early involvement with LOCAL city governments, community organizations together with regional developers to minimize the effects of CUMULATIVE OVER BUILDING IN THIS AREA.

7.            Development of a top to bottom review of past bad practices and the implementation of better practices monitored and reported on by a GOOD PRACTICES CITIZENS OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE. I want you to join me. I want your voices to be heard that is why we should create a GOOD PRACTICES CITIZENS OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE.

8.            THE IMPLEMENTATION OF TERM LIMITS TO NO MORE THAN TWO TERMS PER CANDIDATE. Many Trustees have served over 20 years.

9.            Live screening of Board of Trustee meetings so everyone can hear and see how Mt SAC conducts its business meetings.

10.          Development of a campus evacuation plan with local input in the event of fire, earthquake or a campus shooter situation.

11.          We need to create a MT SAC SUSTAINABILITY AND CAPACITY TASK FORCE. If we don’t study this problem and come up with creative ways to shift growth off campus our cities will face increased road maintenance costs, police and fire safety costs, health risks caused by emissions of toxic particulates resulting in city governments increasing our taxes again.


Mt. SAC is asking $750 Million from taxpayers. The amount of this bond makes it most likely the largest single campus school bond in US history! In the end taxpayers will fork up close to $2 Billion with interest.

This $750 Million comes on the heels of a $221 Million Bond in 2001 and a $353 Million Bond in 2008 in addition to receiving $132 Million in state matching funds for a total of $706 Million over the last 17 years. To ask for another $750 Million now which translates to approximately  $2.5 to 3 Billion for the combined total for taxpayers debt is not sustainable. The higher priced value of your home the higher the tax against it. While Mt SAC serves 9 Districts, Walnut, West Covina and Covina will experience the highest tax increases. THE DEFINITION OF INSANITY IS VOTING THE SAME WAY AGAIN AND EXPECTING DIFFERENT RESULTS.

This Mt. SAC administration has a recent history of litigation where the court found it had abused its power and discretion. Mt SAC is asking taxpayers to trust it with $2 Billion while presently in court facing charges of misuse and inappropriate expenditures from its prior 2008, $350 Million Measure RR Bond. In addition, mismanagement and legal entanglements with City, State and Federal agencies have resulted in inefficient use of the 2008 bond budget and up to $5 Million in litigation costs. This history also includes losing the 2020 Olympic Trials because of a lack of transparency and accountability with the US Olympics organization.  If history repeats itself, Mt. SAC will squander our hard-earned tax dollars and return in a few years for a bail out.  

This is not a responsible, accountable and transparent bond. This amount is based on an educated guess of what the future needs of students will be. But, those needs are changing with every technological advance and not in decades but every 5 years. So why ask for money for to build something in 10 or 15 years. Mt SAC does not have a crystal ball. They are asking for money for buildings that may outlive their usefulness in 5 years. A smaller lazer focused bond can focus on immediate trends, the next 5 years, not speculations over the needs of students for the next 20 years. Mt SAC didn’t honor its prior promise of building a new library in the $353 Million Measure RR Bond. No new library! Instead, in essence, because Mt SAC demolished the track stadium, it is now out of the $353 Million Measure RR money passed in 2008 having diverted $90 Million from the $353 Million they asked for in 2008 which didn’t include a new track stadium. THIS IS A BAILOUT. A new stadium does not replace or retrofit classrooms!

I supported the Walnut Valley Unified School District school bond in 2016 because it reflected responsibility in amount, useful life concerns, accountability in use and transparency in process. When given the chance Mt. SAC administration failed to adopt the same criteria. Walnut Valley consulted the community and reduced its original bond amount of $353 Million to $153 Million. Mt SAC must do the same thing. Walnut Valley had a specific project list prioritizing the completion of projects on all of its 15 campuses before it moved on to other projects. Mt SAC is one campus!

My criteria is designed as a safeguard against out of control spending, cozy contractor agreements and unauthorized projects. Our most important criteria would be a dramatically reduced bond for essential facilities, and the adoption of a specific prioritized Project List with estimated cost.  In the 2008 bond, Mt. SAC promised to upgrade and repair the campus library. Ten years later and broken promises.


It would be my honor if elected to serve you.


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